Introducing the LSLI DockSide Lil’ Lifter Support Forums!

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to develop this website and to provide our viewers with much needed information on the DockSide Lil’ Lifter and our company, LSLI. One of those ongoing developments is the DSLL Support Forums.

We’re excited to bring this feature to our Dealers, Installers, and their Customers. This will provide an area for the discussion of installing, repairing, and general questions one may have about the DSLL. We have taken initiative and added our own topic to each available category, in order to impart some 15 years of DSLL wisdom to those that are interested. What we really would like our forums to do, is to allow our dealers and DSLL customers to communicate and share what works for them in regards to installation, repairs, and any other topic they care to discuss. Our Forums are broken down into the following categories.

General Support

This forum is for any general questions you might have about the DSLL series that does not fall under Repair or Installation, for which we have separate forums. To give you an idea of what to post here, we added the topic: How Do I Know What Dockside Lil’ Lifter Model I have?

Installation Support

Sometimes installing a lift can be tricky and you may be looking for a solution that will get it done right. The installation support forum is where you can ask questions or look for advice on how to make your installation of the DSLL go smoothly. We’ve added the topic: Which Lift Height Should I Choose to Mount the Dockside Lil’ Lifter to My Dock?

Repair Support

When something breaks, or doesn’t seem to be working just right, the support forum is the place to pose your questions about how to fix the issue. A common issue that occurs is when the DSLL seems to be struggling to lift your PWC. There are several reasons why this could be happening, so we’ve added some reasons and solutions in our topic: Why is My DockSide Lil’ Lifter Struggling to Lift?

We will be monitoring the forums closely, so even if you don’t receive an answer or suggestion from one of your peers, we will make sure to provide you with a response as soon as possible. Please remember to always be kind and courteous while participating in these online discussions. Thanks!


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