The Evolution of the DockSide Lil’ Lifter: From DEMCO to Lakeshore Lift Industries

The DockSide ‘Lil’ Lifter (DSLL) was first manufactured by a company called Demco. They began to manufacture the the “DSLL” in the early 1990’s, in response to the rising demand for personal water crafts. Over the following years, the 750 lbs and 1000 lbs lift capacities were developed along with lift heights of 5ft and 7ft. In late 2011, Demco began to phase out their lines of boat and personal water craft lifts, focusing mainly on agriculture machinery, RV towing, and trailer products.

In early 2012, Lakeshore Lift Industries(LSLI) took over manufacturing the DockSide Lil’ Lifter. Gene, the company’s owner, had been selling and installing these lifts for over 15 years, becoming very familiar with all aspects of the DSLL. By late 2012, LSLI had developed a Kayak Platform that could attach to the 750 lbs cradle, giving this specific model renewed life for owners that purchased a 1000 lbs model for newer water crafts, but still had the 750 mounted to their dock.

In 2013, the 1400 lbs DSLL was introduced for the ever-growing weight of new personal watercraft. And as a response for lower lake levels, the 10 ft lift height option was added. LSLI continues to work on refining current lifts, while working to develop completely new products in the next few years.

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