What’s New With The DockSide Lil’ Lifter in 2017

Lakeshore Lift Industries is still going strong in 2020

to meet your Personal Water Craft Boat Lift needs!!!

Lakeshore Lift Industries in 2020 is now in its eighth year and we are still going strong! There have been several upgrades to our “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” (“DSLL”) product line.

We have listened to our customers and to personal watercraft dealers/manufacturers to incorporate improvements and customizations. Personal watercrafts are becoming heavier relative to previous years. Currently, just one personal watercraft model weighs under 800 pounds and so our boat lifts are now manufactured to handle much greater personal watercraft weights, up to 1400 pounds, though lesser weight lifts are also frequently still requested by our customers. Our 1400 pound “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” is still our best product in the series and it can handle the heaviest of watercrafts to date.

We are now meeting specific customer needs and requests. In 2017, a boat lift was custom made for a catamaran craft and we upgraded our bunks from carpeted wood to a new style aluminum product/rubber composite material. The 1400 pound “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” new bunk is an aluminum channel that is covered with rubber composite material riveted onto the channel. This new bunk cover material is heavier, water proof (versus old style carpet), longer lasting and very tough – yet it won’t damage your watercraft! All our customers have expressed satisfaction with this new design that will last a lifetime. Another innovation has been our new “Lift Tech” remote control motor that has an “auto stop” improvement which is an important safety feature programmable through the remote. This “auto stop” feature allows an operator to set the upper and lower limits of the cradle travel to provide the lifting of the watercraft specific to the level of the lake. Key operated “Lift Tech” motors or key operated and corded pendant style motors are still available; however, the “auto stop” feature is not included in these motors due to the need of a remote.

The 750 pound and 1000 pound “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” models have been re-engineered into the 900 pound model. This new 900 pound model has the cradle design of the for 750 pound model with the cable/pulley design of the 1000 pound model. So this 900 pound model has the capability to lift a good portion of the smaller personal watercrafts while keeping some of the affordability that the 750 pound model offered. On this new 900 pound “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” the bunks have been upgraded from carpet covered wood to aluminum rectangular tube/rubber composite material for greater durability. The “Lift Tech” “auto stop” feature is also available in this 900 pound model.

The old reliable 750 pound “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” can have its cradle upgraded to a 3 x 6 foot platform that is usable to lift a kayak, canoe or paddle board. Reliable 750 pound models can be altered to be able to lift kayaks, yet currently Lakeshore Lifts is designing a new style lift to be specific for kayaks. Affordability and durability of this new design are essential and important to both the consumer and manufacturer. Lakeshore Lifts will keep you updated on its progress! We hope to have this new design manufactured by early summer of 2017!

Introducing the DockSide Lil’ Lifter Line for 2017

Will We Still Have Parts for Older Models?

Yes, we still carry parts for the 750 and 1000 lb models in order to provide “DockSide Lil’ Lift” owners the opportunity to repair the lifts they’ve bought in the past when needed. We understand that this line has been around for quite a while and that the older lifts can be used for a long time to come with regular maintenance.

Going Forward…

We look forward to a great year 2017, and hope to continue developing new products to add to the DSLL line. Thank you for reading, and have a great day.

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