The 2012-2020 Evolution of the DockSide Lil’ Lifter: From DEMCO to Lakeshore Lift Industries

In early 2012, Lakeshore Lift Industries (LSLI) took over manufacturing the DockSide Lil’ Lifter. Gene, LSLI’s owner, had been selling and installing these lifts for over 15 years, becoming intimately familiar with all aspects of the DSLL. 

By late 2012, LSLI had developed a kayak platform that could attach to the 750 lb capable cradle

In 2013, the 1400 lb DSLL launched to accommodate the ever-growing weight of new personal watercraft. In response to drought-induced lower lake levels, we added the 10 ft lift height option.

In 2017, a boat lift was custom-created for a catamaran craft, and upgraded bunks introduced. We upgraded from dated carpeted wood covering to a new style – aluminum covered by a rubber composite material. The 1400 lb “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” new bunk is an aluminum channel covered with rubber composite material riveted onto the channel. Unlike old-style carpet, our new bunk cover material is more substantial, waterproof, longer-lasting, and very tough and won’t damage your watercraft!  

Another innovation has been our “Lift Tech” remote control motor that has an “auto-stop”, an important safety feature programmable through the remote. Auto-stop allows an operator to set the upper and lower limits of the cradle travel to provide the lifting of the watercraft specific to the level of the lake. (Key operated “Lift Tech” motors or key-operated and corded pendant style motors are still available; however, the “auto stop” feature is not included in these motors due to the need of a remote.)

The 750 lb and 1000 pound “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” models have been re-engineered into the 900 lb model. This new 900 lb model has the cradle design of the 750 lb model with the cable/pulley design of the 1000 pound model. The 900 lb model has the capability to lift a good portion of smaller personal watercraft while keeping some of the affordability that the 750 lb model offered. On this new 900 lb “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” the bunks have been upgraded from carpet-covered wood to aluminum rectangular tube/rubber composite material for exceptional durability. The “Lift Tech” “auto stop” feature is also available in this 900 lb model.

The old reliable 750 lb “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” can have its cradle upgraded to a 3′ x 6′ platform that can lift a kayak, canoe or paddleboard. Our reliable 750 lb models can be retrofit to lift kayaks, but watch for a new style lift specifically for kayaks! This kayak-specific lift will be affordable and durable – feel free to call us so that we can talk about your kayak lifting needs.