Dockside Lil’ Lifter Models & Features

All of the current models (1000 lb/1400 lb) and previous (750 lb/1000 lb), come with these standard features and options:

  • Manual Winch, Electric Motor Winch, or Electric Motor Winch with Remote
  • Tower Track Lifting Height of 5′, 7′, or 10′
  • All models are made of Aluminum with Stainless Steel (SS) Hardware and SS Cable Pulley System with our unique Pulley Sheave design.
  • Cradle Fork Tubes:
    • 40″ Standard for 1000 and 1400 lbs capacities
    • 50″ or 60″ available for wider personal watercrafts, ie. Day Sailor Sailboats
    • 32″ For the 750 lbs model, expandable to 48″
  • Reinforced Cradle Assembly
  • Carpeted Bunk Boards
  • Owners Manual
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

The Winch and Motors

The winch is the mechanism responsible for pulling the cradle assembly up and down the tower track and comes with either a manual hand-cranked wheel or motor attached as the power behind the lift. We have what we call our Silver Winch, which is used for lower capacity lifts, and the Brown Winch that can handle the heavier lifting. You can also look at using the Caterpillar winch, it’s all about what job you are doing and the right fit.

Lift Tech Motor mounted to Tower Track

Lift Tech Motor mounted to Tower Track

We currently stock two types of electric motors. The Hefty Hoist motor (identifiable by the large white motor box) was used by Demco in the original design of the Dockside Lil’ Lifter. This motor design is still very popular and available. We have introduced a new electric motor, by Lift Tech, that can be operated with a key, a corded pendant, or the very popular remote control option that adds a certain amount of convenience to lifting a PWC out of the water. We’ve conducted a test that clocked the Lift Tech motor lifting the cradle, on the largest capacity model we have, 5′ in 45 seconds. This is almost half the amount of time it takes the Hefty Hoist motor to do the same.

Both Manual and Motor setups come with covers and warning stickers on how to use each set up properly.

Tower Track

Our aluminum Tower Track(TT) guides the Cradle Assembly when lifting and lowering a PWC in and out of the water. All other components attach to the TT, such as the Dock Plate, Cradle and Cable Assemblies, and the Winch plus Wheel/Motor. Bolts at the bottom of the TT keep the Cradle Assembly from slipping out. The Dock Plate attaches the TT to a dock or seawall and anchors it in its vertical position.

We offer lift heights of 5′, 7′, and 10′ to accommodate different dock types and water levels. Water levels can be unpredictable and get really low. Demco originally just offered the 5′ and 7′ options. We added the 10′ lift height TT as an answer to lower water levels and other situations that it proves useful.

Cable Pulley System

The Cable Pulley System connects the Winch to the Cradle Assembly, allowing movement up and down the TT. The cable is made of stainless steel, the pulley sheave is made from a wear-resistant Acetal Copolymer Rod that allows the cable to glide easily while lifting and lowering.

Cradle Assembly

Cradle Assembly: Fork Tubes and Bunk Boards

Cradle Assembly: Fork Tubes and Bunk Boards

This portion of the lift consists of several components. The Cradle Roller Base is fed into the TT and then the Cradle Assembly(CA) is attached to the base. Cradle Fork Tubes(CFT’s) are then bolted to the CA and the Bunk Boards(BB) are mounted to the CFT’s.


Even though we no longer carry the older 750 and 1000 lb models, we still provide the parts that may be needed for maintenance and repairs.

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