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    There can be several reasons that your Dockside Lil’ Lifter is struggling to raise your watercraft out of the water. It could be due to parts wearing out, an overload of weight, or misuse of the lift. Most issues can be easily rectified. Below are a few common reasons why your lift would be struggling plus some easy solutions.

    It could be that your lift is carrying too much weight as you lift it out of the water. This could be due to a few different factors.

    • Old Lift, New Watercraft – Older lifts, such as the 750 lbs model, were made at a time when watercrafts were their lightest. Newer crafts on average are about 800-850 lbs dry weight, then you add the weight of gas and any equipment in it’s compartments and you’re pushing 900-1000 lbs. This can cause some major strain on the cable which could break if pushed far beyond it’s limit. It can make trying to turn your manual winch almost impossible or your electric motor groan in defiance.

    022113 107The Fix: Upgrade to 1000 lbs or 1400 lbs lift. You can either replace the entire lift, or replace the cradle and cable assemblies. If you decide to get a whole new lift, don’t let your old 750 go to waste! You can convert your 750 to a Kayak lift with our new Kayak Platform, which bolts directly to the cradle fork tubes. The platform is great for kayaks, paddle boats, canoes, or any other light weight water toys. We’re also looking into creating a kit that will ease some of the resistance on your manual winch and cable, allowing stronger lift power.

    • Rider on Watercraft Being Lifted or Lowered – We occasionally get calls or hear stories from our dealers about cables snapping and fork tubes giving way because riders decide to stay on their watercraft as it is being lifted or lowered. This is a big DON’T when it comes to the Dockside Lil’ Lifter and is stated in the owners manual(if you inherited your lift you may not have one). The weight grades of the lifts are calculated for watercrafts alone. The variable of one or more people on the lift can result in some serious injuries and damage to your lift.

    The Fix: We understand that lake levels can get real low and make it impossible to reach your watercraft once it’s lowered to the water. One way you can solve this is by having one person lower the watercraft while the rider waits at a safe distance to mount it once it gains buoyancy. If you tend to ride alone often, then mount an aluminum ladder, or other appropriate ladder solution, next to your lift in order to climb down to your watercraft. Just make sure that the ladder and lift have enough clearance that they don’t bump each other.

    • Watercraft Imbalanced on Cradle/Bunk Boards – If your watercraft is not properly placed on the lift and the weight distribution is uneven, this can cause the cradle and cradle roller to be set askew. The cradle roller will resist being lifted or even lowered because of the added pressure between it’s wheels and the tower track channel. If you manage to lift an imbalanced watercraft up, you are in danger of slackening the cable while trying to lower it. If that happens and the cradle gives way, falling down the length of slack, it could cause the cable to snap.

    The Fix: Take the time to mark the center of your watercraft on the side facing the tower track of your lift. It’s center of gravity may not be dead center of the entire craft. You might have to place the craft on the lift a couple times and look at the cradle to make sure it’s not leaning to one side. Another way to gauge where your watercraft should set on the cradle, is by lining up your shoulder with the tower track. With only one person on the watercraft, you must be sitting in proper riding position with your hands on the handles, elbows slightly bent, and your back straight. When you position your watercraft over the bunk boards, line up your mark within the width of the tower track, and the guess work is left by the wayside. The true test of balance is when you crank the manual winch and feel that you are getting no resistance. The choice of how to mark your watercraft is up to you. It could be paint, tape, or a fun sticker. Just be sure to make it bright so that you can see it without any issues.

    • Old Cable, Old Pulley – Some of the oldest lifts, namely the 750’s, have outdated parts. This includes a galvanized steel cable, and a silver colored teardrop shaped pulley. The galvanized steel cable is prone to weathering and rust, which will diminish its tensile strength and ultimately fail. The old teardrop pulley has the tendency to seize, causing the cable to file away at it, and eventually through it.

    005The Fix: We currently use stainless steel cables for all lifts, and replacements are available through your local Dockside Lil’ Lifter dealer. The pulleys are now made of an acetal copolymer pulley sheave over a stainless steel center with stainless steel bolt, see the picture to the left. You can purchase the new pulley setup from your local dealer as well.

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