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We've been manufacturing the original Dockside Lil' Lifter for the last 3 years, and we love having a product we can be proud of. We've made many improvements to the original design, including a new 1400 lb capacity model, as well as our new Kayak Platform Application for kayaks, canoes, and other small personal vessels. To find out more, visit our Products Page. If you like what you see and would like to purchase our products, visit our Find A Dealer Page to locate a dealer near you!

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The Evolution of the DockSide Lil’ Lifter: From DEMCO to Lakeshore Lift Industries

The DockSide ‘Lil’ Lifter (DSLL) was first manufactured by a company called Demco. They began to manufacture the the “DSLL” in the early 1990’s, in response to the rising demand for personal water crafts. Over the following years, the 750 lbs and 1000 lbs lift capacities were developed along with lift heights of 5ft and

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What’s New With The DockSide Lil’ Lifter in 2017

Lakeshore Lift Industries is still going strong in 2020 to meet your Personal Water Craft Boat Lift needs!!! Lakeshore Lift Industries in 2020 is now in its eighth year and we are still going strong! There have been several upgrades to our “DockSide Lil’ Lifter” (“DSLL”) product line. We have listened to our customers and

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